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I was quoted recently in an article about ways to improve safety on college and university campuses. The article was posted on


In my comments, I said every student needs to understand from the first day they walk on campus, or earlier, that their safety is a cooperative effort between them and the university.


I suggest that when they are accepted or when they start their first year, they take an online quiz about safety. This quiz would include basic questions about walking in pairs, not wearing headphones while walking after dark, and include questions specifically tailored to their university. If they fail, the university should provide them with additional one-on-one information to help keep them safe.


The university should also allow the parents to take the same quiz so they can reinforce proper safety procedures with their students.


The full article is available at

Read my quotes in article . . .

Several of my quotes were used in a story Wednesday, March 30, on The article by Senior Contributor Edward Segal was titled “Disney Ramps Up Its Corporate Activism By Seeking To Repeal New ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law.”


The article focuses on efforts by The Walt Disney Company to work to help repeal the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” legislation signed into law this week by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. It features comments from several other experts in the crisis communication, legal and marketing fields on the impact Disney’s efforts will have on its brand and image.


The article is available at

Read my quotes in article . . .

I was quoted in an article on on best college towns for retirement. My quote leads the article and talks about the benefits of living in a college town.

The article is at:

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