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When the Unexpected Happens,

We Can Help.

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About CrisisComm

CrisisComm LLC is a crisis communications firm of professionals who have experienced a variety of crises involving a range of organizations from universities, to emergency service agencies, to governmental entities. 


Our focus is on the crucial communications needed during any kind of internal or external crises. 


We have decades of experience, including working in the media, governmental and community relations, emergency services and higher education. This diverse knowledge makes us well suited to provide clients with the information, strategies and advice they need. 


We provide planning, real-time advice, and after-action reviews.


Pre-crisis planning includes review of any existing crisis communication plans, preparation of plans based on the agency's needs, and media training.


During a crisis, services include reviewing internal and external communications, and on-site guidance.

After-action reviews include detailed analysis of the organization's response and recommendations for communications in future crises.

For every organization, it’s not a question of “if” a crisis will occur; it’s a question of when. And when that happens, organizations need to be prepared to respond. 


Ensuring you effectively and efficiently communicate your message, however, is not easy. CrisisComm LLC can help before, during and after a crisis. 


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